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5 Important Elements of a Digital Marketing Assessment

The modern world is all about survival of the fittest – be it politics, education, careers, wars or businesses. Nobody wants to stand second. Where exceptional is the new normal, it is really not possible for a business to generate handsome dollars without ‘being found’. And if there’s something that can really help you rebuild your online reputation today, that’s a digital marketing assessment.

What is a Digital Marketing Assessment?

Experts of Social Media Management in Pittsburgh suggest that this assessment is a typical scorecard dedicated to test the current digital performance of a business, campaign, or a viral trend. Based on key metrics and their movement, you can come up with a digital marketing strategy that will not only improve the key stats of your business, but would give you the real ROI in the expected time frame. However, there are five important parts of a digital marketing assessment, and each is indispensable for the success of your social media management Pittsburgh.

  1. Current Digital Marketing Performance

This is a quality figure and is usually presented as a rating (out of 5 or 10). This sums up your overall online existence and is quite influenced by all digital marketing efforts and industry trends of the current time.

  • Keyword Rankings

Your customers should be able to find you, without them searching for you. Nobody would have time to reach out to agencies on the second or third pages on Google. Even you won’t trust a company that’s not top-rated. So, this figure suggests how well your SEO is performing and what you need to do to improve your ranking.

  • Conversion rate

As the name suggests, this is a ratio of how many potential visitors actually buy from you. How many leads your traffic generates and their sources. A social media management expert in Pittsburgh will give you a guiding remark. About this figure since agencies have the right comparative information for different businesses.

  • Industry trends

This part usually compares your performance to your competitors, and other small and big players in the same industry where you operate. A top-rated digital agency has the ability to pull-off real-time data used for making these comparisons. This is a crucial part of your digital marketing assessment and should guide you into areas where you need to dig for more opportunities.

  • Response Time 

We all get attracted to vendors that are highly responsive to messages, emails, and telephone calls. There are services that stay connected to their clients even through Whatsapp, And of course they pull-off most of the audience because of their excellently lower down-times. Remember that most of your social media management plans in Pittsburgh may fall flat if you aren’t able to reply to your potential clients’ queries in time.

With all these key metrics, you must realize that it’s not enough to just have an online presence in Google’s business directory. You’ve to walk extra digital miles for your business. Having said all of this, a digital marketing assessment is all you need right now in order to analyze your current online performance, and to kickstart it from wherever it is rated.

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